MeasuringTape - Easy measuring
MeasuringTape is a tool, that makes you able to simply figure out a distance, an area or even a track. MT uses a string to mark the positions. I once thought it would be just practically to measure how far my cannon shoot, but by now are there a few other purposes, like metering a base area and so on. The track mode can be used to measure the road between two cities. Roadsigns with the exact remaining distance in m look very nice.
String attaching is deactivatable to avoid conflicts with other plugins also using a string to mark blocks, e.g. WorldEdit.
MT can use the Permission Plugin but is not depending on it. If Permissions is deaktivated in config or doesn't run on the server MT will use some default right managemant: Measuring ant "/mt tape" are available for all and "/mt tp" only for ops.
/mt enable Enables string attaching
/mt disable Disables string attaching (if you want to use your string for something other)
/mt tape Gives you a string (if you don't have one)
/mt read Displays the distance again, handy if you toggled the mode
/mt unset Unsets all positions (especially usefull in track mode)
/mt mode [mode] Toggles the measuring mode. Available are:
distance Direct distance between two blocks
vectors xyz-vectors between two blocks
area Area between two points
blocks Number of blocks in x, y and z axis between two blocks (inclusive these two blocks)
track Distance between multiple blocks
volume Amount of blocks (respectivly m) in a cuboid
/mt tp Teleports you to the center of the area (must be used in area mode) (requires op rights)
/mt help Displays help page
/mt modehelp Displays mode page
In "/MeasuringTape/config.yml":
tapeDelay Time before getting another string, default 15 (disable with 0)
blocksPerString How you can measure with one string (disable with -1)
defaultEnabled Toggles if MT is enabled by default or useres have to enable it first (to aviod conflicts with other plugins also using a string)
usePermissions Toggles if MT uses the Permission Plugin
useTargetBlock Target block allows you to attach your tape to blocks at unlimited distance and even on bedrock
In "/Permissions/config.yml":
'measuringtape.measure' Players or groups with this permission can measure, switch modes, read, unset etc.
'measuringtape.tape' Allows use of "/mt tape"
'' Allows use of "/mt tp"
Source code at GitHub
Default config Link The config is still autocreated.
More modes
Reimplementing rights
Known Bugs:
MeasuringTape @ hMod Forums
MeasuringTape @ Bukkit Forums
Special Thanks:
to sk89q for the source code from WorldEdit, which helped me a lot
to Cadillaxx for testing
to NoxNebula for suggestion of blocks mode